Testimonials for Misting Fans

“Ahhhhhh! First, let me begin by saying that it has been so hot here lately. The heat index is over 100 day after day. The humidity is off the charts, and you really can’t spend all your time inside the house. This little fan may not be a miracle device, but it is quite pleasant to use, and you could call it a lifesaver if you really need to help bring down your body temperature.. When you absolutely need to be outside and need to cool down, this little gem can truly come to the rescue. Take it to the amusement park with you, use while hiking or at the flea market. People actually stopped to ask me where I got it! Modest price, easy to operate — it’s all good. I did receive a sample for review, and I would strongly recommend this fan to any friend or family member.”

“I picked up this Misting Fan and I loved the design, usability and flexibility it has.  First, the design: There are NO other Misting Fans on Amazon that contain this handy “hook” like design. It makes the fan easy to hang and easily grab when you need it.  The color selection and variety is awesome! Between purple, red and black, you have almost every color for all your loved-ones (maybe if you wanted to pick one up as a gift!).  JZK’s customer support: They stand behind their products. They personally reach out to you to make sure you are 100% satisfied. Have you found that with any other seller on Amazon? I haven’t; and JZK’s support and service is one of a kind!  Overall, this could just be one of the best Misting Fans on Amazon from one of the best sellers online!”
– Matt S. from Tehachapi, California

“This misting fan delivers exactly what you want from a misting fan but more. Extremely intuitive to use, one can simply cycle through the main button to have just the fan on, fan+mist, or just mist. It surprisingly delivers a lot of power and can cool one down quickly as it has proved to be very useful this summer. In fact, this past weekend I went camping in Colorado where it is very dry and hot. When I went to sleep in my tent, I hung the fan to the top of the interior of my tent and was able to garner some humidity into my tent. In the morning, when it was excruciatingly hot with the sun, this fan was a life-saver as it blew cool air onto both my girlfriend and I. It will definitely continue to be a necessity whenever I go camping.”
– Greg N. from Boulder, Colorado

“Relief at last.  Having just returned from Guangzhou, China and experiencing the tremendous heat and humidity, I noticed many using a unique little fan that emits moisture. not having time to purchase one in China I returned to the unbearable heat in Ojai, Ca. and immediately went to my trusted Amazon retailer to see if a similar product would be available.  I located the JZK cooling replenishment fan.  Fortunately it arrived all too quickly as now temperatures are exceeding 100 degrees.  I simply charge, fill with distilled water and the refreshing relief from this awesome little fan is remarkable.  The fan has allowed me to go about my daily routine with cooling relief.  I hang it or place it wherever I am at, or just carry it along.  Knowing it is there is reassuring comfort.  I strongly recommend this item as it has brought me true satisfaction.
– Mike N. from Ojai, California

“I Love this Misting Fan!  Today was a very hot and humid day.  While playing outside with the kids, it helped keep us cool!  It is durable for my 2 year old who destroys everything!  I also love the handle on it.  I ran out of room to place it in my purse, so I just hooked it on the strap!  I definitely recommend this to anyone especially to parents that are constantly outside in like heat like I am!  It comes with its own USB cord which I think is so much better than having to use batteries!” 
– Shana S. from Indiana

“I am really enjoying this Misting Fan..my favorite place to use it is in the car when waiting for someone or having to sit in the car for a period of time, this is the answer, do not have to keep my car running with air conditioning and ruining my battery, great invention.”
– Greta G. from Encino, California

Works as advertised. My 5 year old son loves it. Very easy to use and very effective product. I highly recommend it.
Nicos P. H. from Long Island City, New York

“I love that I don’t have to hassle with batteries with this fan, I have the option of using an outlet or hooking it up with the USB plug provided. The size is just perfect for slipping into my backpack or purse. The cooling mist keeps me hydrated during outdoor activities. The product seems very sturdy for hiking or traveling.”
– Janice N.  from Rosemead, California

“I really am enjoying my new portable fan by JZK high quality product to keep me cool just in time for the summer.  I would recommend this product to anyone who needs to stay cool on the go .  Thanks JZK!”
– Justin S. from Seattle, Washington

“Love this little fan.  Just bought two more.
– Paula H. from Auberry, California