Testimonials for Air Humidifiers

“I have not stopped using it. I absolutely love it! The vapor it produces is exceptional considering the price and size of the machine.”
– Kennan C. from Long Beach, California

“It has greatly improved the air quality at my desk at work. It’s very quiet, and I can breathe through my nose again at work!”
– Cara M. from South Windsor, Connecticut

“My humidifier was delivered to my office this morning.  I filled it up, plugged it in and turned it on.  OMG, within about 15 minutes the sinus headache I have had daily, since they turned the heat on at work, was gone!  I was more productive today than I have been in a while.  I showed off the humidifier to everyone who walked into my office and I told them all to go on Amazon and pick one up.  I don’t write fan letters and I usually do not do product reviews but I will for this.   Thank you so much for providing such an amazing product.  Just posted a review – I would give this 10 stars if I could!” .
– Judy T.  from Hartford, Connecticut

“The JZK Mini Portable Night Light Air Humidifier is truly a portable humidifier that will light up your life in a big way. This is because it is little humidifier that does some major things. What are these major things? Please read on to learn more about them.  What are the Pros of the JZK?  The JZK is a tiny humidifier with lots of power and presence. It is a very adaptable portable humidifier. This means that it comes complete with a versatile form of plugin. This plugin is AC/DC and USB cable. This gives a person lots of flexibility for home, office, and car. It has a mini size that is very convenient and has a night light. It refreshes the air constantly to provide one with a steady flow of clean air for them to breathe betterWhat are the Cons of the JZK?  The JZK appears to be a perfect product.  What are people saying about the JZK?  The JZK Mini Portable Night Light Air Humidifier got a rating of 4.9 stars out of 5 possible stars. Customers do appear to like this   product a whole lot. They have left all sorts of raves about it from being the best must have portable humidifier on Amazon to very convenient to works great to adorable to mini but mighty!  Conclusion:  The JZK Air Humidifier appears to have it all. It also is sold at a very cheap price, which is something, that only serves to make it all the more nice in view. If you want a great little humidifier with big mist presence, then the JZK is for you, and something you will be glad to have for yourself and life.”
– BigStuf Ministries

“I am in love with this Mini Humidifier. It works wonderfully well and it’s adorable. I feel like I’m at a spa resort. It is amazing and definitely I will recommend it to my friends and families”.
– Jan Y.  from Concord, New Hampshire 

“2 words:  This bad boy rocks! (ok, 4 words ).  My better half and I fell immediately in love with this baby.  What a great practical solution for a couple who has just downsized by 2/3 to a place here space is at a premium!  Really, really a super product!  So glad I stumbled on it. We want two more”.
– Mark H. Littleton, Colorado

“This is one of the coolest and amazing looking humidifiers.  It puts off lots of vapor and works really well.  The blue light makes it look amazing.  I also read in another customers review that you could not turn off the light and that statement is incorrect, you can turn off the light by pressing the on button 2X and the humidifier will still work without the light on.  You can also do it the opposite as well and just have the light on my pressing the on button 3x.  It’s also very easy to refill with water and comes with an extra filter which is also easy to replace!”
– Britany C. from Elberta, Alabama

“Literally the best thing.  Just had sinus surgery and it is the perfect size for sitting by my bed and to take to the office with me. Plus excellent customer service I received an email regarding the product and how to use it before I even got it in the mail. Truly exceptional company and product
– Christian H. from
Conroe, Texas

“We bought this for my son who gets nighttime nosebleeds.  It is a lovely little device perfect size for his bedside table yet quite powerful mist.  The nightlight is so nice and soothing and the 8 hour timer is absolutely perfect. It is quiet and peaceful.  It has helped so much- no nosebleeds since we started using it.  Also, the customer support is fabulous with detailed instructions and offers of support.  This company truly cares about their customers.  Thank you for this great product!” 
Julie M. from Prior Lake, Minnesota

“We absolutely love the small humidifier. I live in interior Alaska; and, it can sometimes get very dry in my house. Waking up with a scratchy throat and stuffed up nose was a daily event. My wood stove doesn’t help, but it does get a little chilly without it. I also have a heat return ventilation system that circulates fresh air into the house, which also acts as a dehumidifier along with the wood stove.  The past few nights we have slept without waking up, and rose in the morning to a fresh and clean sinus and throat conditions. We love the light that it emits, and the ambience that it provides in our dark bedroom. And seeing that the unit makes literally zero noise, it motivates us into thinking of purchasing an additional unit.”” 
– Karl S.
from Fairbanks, Alaska

“I am using this at my desk during the day for my allergies and it is working great.  I highly recommend this product.”
Phylliss W. from Oakland, CA